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Ready to Camp Checklist: A Helpful Guide to Knowing When to Send Them

By The CRN Team

As summer approaches, you may contemplate whether your child is old enough to attend summer camp. There are several factors to consider when deciding, one being the question: Are you ready to send your child? If you're on the fence, check out our Ready to Camp Checklist:

Are they talking about it and asking to go?

Is your child talking about camp non-stop? A strong desire to attend camp indicates that your child is ready to attend overnight camp.

Are they independent and self-reliant?

A child who willingly goes to school and engages in extracurricular activities without tears or clinging to you is likely ready for camp.

Do they do well at sleepovers? Or, have they ever spent the night away from you?

Has your child successfully spent the night somewhere without you and felt comfortable? If not, a trial may be beneficial to easing both your and your child’s nerves.

Can they go to the restroom and bathe by themselves?

Are they capable of managing their hygiene? Camp counselors can't assist with these tasks. Campers need to shower and use the restroom independently.

Are you confident in your child's ability to be away from you?

How do you feel? If you are unsure, reflect and pray before signing up. If you are confident in their ability, share that confidence with your child. Let them know that you know they can do it, and cheer them on!

The takeaway:

If you still need time to decide, we recommend starting with a family camp or retreat. Attending camp with family gives kids a taste of what's to come and builds their confidence.

Camp is a beautiful experience, often the highlight of a kid's summer, but the first (or even second time) can be intimidating. Just remember that age alone is not an absolute criterion. We are all unique and different, and the decision to attend depends on the individual child's abilities and willingness.

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