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Inspiring Faith: Must Have Merchandise for Your 2024 Christian Camp Store

By The CRN Team

Visiting the camp store with your remaining allowance is a treasured tradition. Campers often seek something tangible to hold on to after camp and share with their friends and family back home. Purchasing from the camp store is a chance to proudly display their faith and keep camp close to their heart ... until next year!

As a camp director or leader, the camp store serves as a means for the camp to raise valuable funds and as an opportunity to shine a light on your mission. Now, you might wonder, 'What kind of products do campers truly desire?' It's a question worth investigating because merchandise that doesn't resonate with campers will result in unsold items and waste.

Today, we are sharing inspo for your 2024 camp store. Every item on this list was chosen from a Christian supplier whose mission includes sharing God's word, love, and message.

  1. Devotionals: Christian books and literature are a great way to stay accountable. Offering teen-friendly devotionals encourages campers to stay consistent in their time with Him after camp. We love this popular devotional for Gen Z called The Word According to Gen Z Devo. It is a 30 day devotional with video links. 
  2. Baseball Caps: Classical Baseball caps or "Dad Hats" are popular. Neutrals (tan, brown, and black) with purposeful distressing are a solid choice. We like this "God is Greater Than The Highs and Lows" option from Rep the One.
  3. On-Trend Tees: You might not know what "Yeet" means, but your youth group probably does. This shirt is a fun mix of Christian messaging and pop culture. The Old English font conveys historical value and reminds us that Jesus never goes out of style!
  4. Stickers: Snag a bulk order and keep them at your checkout for a cheap, affordable, and quick purchase. They can be used to customize tumblers, laptops, coolers, and more. Smart Marketing Tip: Offer a BOGO (Buy One Get One) and encourage campers to gift one to friends and family at home. 
  5. Gag Gifts: This "Jesus Take The Wheel" tire pressure gauge is so funny! It doubles as a keychain for visibility. Purchase 12 for $18 from Living Grace. 
  6. Water Bottle: Tall tumblers with handles are everywhere right now. This Stanley-inspired tumbler is both chic and inspirational. Elevate Faith offers a variety of designs to choose from. 
  7. Notebooks: Paper and pen were on the packing list, but a new notebook is good for the soul! These notebooks from Living Grace come in packs of 6 and 12. They come with Christian messaging and are the perfect size for carrying to and from small groups.
  8. Cell Phone Case: In emulating the sticker trend, this case from Elevated Faith is fun and eye-catching. It's a great way for campers to share their beliefs and faith with the world.
  9. Tote: Powerful messaging makes this tote more than something to carry your purchases. In addition to pink, it comes in gender-neutral blue and black.
  10. Custom Shirts: Lastly, make your camp memorable with a customized shirt. Consider hiring a graphic artist to create an all-new custom graphic for your camp season if your budget allows. Have it printed on shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. Save time and purchase a pre-made graphic. Uth Stuph (pronounced Youth Stuff) offers ready-made graphics for camps, youth groups, mission trips, and more. They will add your camp’s name for personalization and branding.

As a Christian leader and event planner, you understand the importance of meaningful connections and appreciate the significance of transformative experiences. The items you offer in your camp store should reflect the values and faith that you uphold. Consider offering items with Christian symbols and messages of faith that are enticing and on-trend. Campers will walk away holding on to not only their memories of camp but also a piece of God's grace.

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