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Rekindle and Rejoice with a Retreat

By Heath

When individuals first hear about couple’s retreats, they automatically assume these events are only for newlyweds or couples who are struggling in their marriage. However, that is not the case at all. Couple’s retreats are for all types of duos and provide many benefits that greatly impact the relationships people have with their partners and with God. While there are countless explanations for why all couples (i.e. a fresh bride and groom or elderly partners) need to plan and attend a retreat together, we have made it simple by coming up with our top three reasons.

1. To reflect on yourself and your relationship

Couple’s retreats are important for two people because they give them the opportunity to fully reflect on themselves and their relationship. You may have been asking yourself, “How can I improve myself and my relationship?” Have you been consumed with work and not devoting enough time to family and friends? Are you not able to truly connect with your spouse anymore like you used to? If you are facing similar situations, taking the time away from life’s commotion is essential for yourself and your marriage. Through team-building activities, worship, and prayer, a couple’s retreat will allow you to truly reflect on the areas in your life that need to be enhanced. As you improve, so will your relationship.

2. To learn from other couples who serve Him

No matter how long you and your spouse have been together, there is always something to learn about your relationship with one another. Admit it. No marriage is as perfect as the ones portrayed in Hallmark movies. Because we face a number of highs and lows, interacting with other couples who have been down the same road is the best place to get advice. These types of retreats are additionally valuable for couples because they allow people to meet and connect with other like-minded couples who are looking to build a stronger marriage themselves. No matter the circumstances, talking with other couples and hearing about how they put all their faith in God to overcome different obstacles is beneficial for others to learn more about how they can improve themselves.

3. To be united in your feelings for God

As Christians, we can’t deny it. The principal goal of the relationship we have with our spouse is to praise God to the upmost highest. If you are not centering your marriage around the foundation of Christ, what really is the purpose of your relationship? Scripture tells us that God created marriage with a purpose that was much bigger than itself. Marriage was designed to provide an illustration of our relationship with Him. We tend to be forgetful of that purpose and only see our marriage as a bond meant to bring us fulfillment and happiness with ourselves and our companion. However, God desires that our relationship with a loved one would bring us even closer to Him, which is exactly what a couple’s retreat can do!

If you have never been on a couple’s retreat, we encourage you and your spouse to attend one in the future. There are many different useful resources available at your fingertips to learn more about such retreats and how they are essential for your marriage. Talk with other couples in your church about their experiences with attending a retreat, contact a local retreat center, or do a simple search online for more information. As Christians, we must continue to work on and improve our relationship with our spouse and with God. You can do just that by getting away and attending a couple’s retreat near you.

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