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There is No “I” in Team

By Alexis

When I think of the event planning process, I imagine a clock. 

Within a clock, there is a power source that moves gears of all shapes and sizes. In order for the clock to function, these gears must work in sync. This collaboration is accomplished unseen, behind its face. But how does this relate to planning an event? 

Like a clock, there are numerous moving parts within event planning that need to sync together in order to create a successful event. However, instead of gears, the “components” are called details. These details are powered behind the scenes by an event planning team. But I know what you are thinking, do I really need a team? The answer is YES!

Working within a team atmosphere fosters creative and effective brainstorming. How? By allowing members to openly share and snow ball off each other’s ideas. Which in turn can create thrilling experiences and a unique event. A team also encourages problem solving by bringing together different perspectives on how to address a problem. Not to mention multiple people can assist in foreseeing possible problems and then determine how to avoid them.

Additionally, a team allows for tasks to be delegated so that each person is responsible for different aspects of the event. This environment inspires members to work hard in order to meet certain expectations. Or if there is a someone who is struggling, they can turn to the team for help.  Nonetheless, having a team to help you navigate, prepare and execute an event can help reduce stress. Check out our blog, Worrying Causes Wrinkles, for more ideas on how to relieve event planning anxiety.

Whether you are planning an event for 1,000 guests or 20, a planning team is a valuable asset for numerous reasons. So, get those detail gears moving by powering your event with a planning team!

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