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Retreating to the Web

By Kayla

In our last blog, we talked about using the church website to reach people.  Especially in these days at home, it is important to be able to still stay close to your congregation.  But websites aren’t just for church information and sermon videos.

Weren’t you looking for a place to put all of your upcoming retreat information?  Well, a church website is the prime spot.  When people have questions, the first place they go to look for answers is the internet. 

Now, you may have your event listed on Facebook, but believe it or not, not everyone has Facebook.  I’m guessing plenty of your elderly members don’t. 

Here are all the things that your event website/registration page needs:

  • It all starts with an enticing description, as well as eye-catching visuals. That’s what gets people to sign up.  Use those adjectives!
  • Guests can’t go if they don’t know the dates. Make sure ALL dates, including registration deadlines, are clearly marked.
  • Speaking of dates, an add-to-calendar button promises guests will have the days marked down. This is a techy trick that makes guests’ work easier.
  • Social media links allow guests to share and tag photos/posts/etc. before, during, and after the event.
  • A pdf of the event agenda is ideal for guests to be able to print out.
  • Unless you are having people sign up on pieces on paper, your website needs a registration button. There are plenty of online forms you can use to have guests register. 
  • Whether it is a guest’s first time or fifth time, there will be questions. Make sure to have answers to FAQs readily available.

Once the event page on the website is added, you can start racking in those registrants.

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