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Ignite the Spiritual Spark

By Kayla

Winter is the best time to get people involved/interested in church.  Between advent season, celebrating the birth of Christ, hymns being sung and played everywhere, and the kids practicing for their Christmas play.  People are excited about church.  This is the prime season to ignite that spark already dwindling deep within.  In fact, 57% of people that don’t go to church say they would go at Christmastime if someone asked them1

But maybe a service isn’t doing the trick.  Or those within your congregation are starting to feel the cold.  We constantly talk about the benefits of off-site ministry and winter is no different.  No, you can’t swim in the lake, but our properties are loaded with cold-friendly activities. 

Hosting a retreat in November or early December can be a great introduction to invite new people into your church.  Remember that statistic from above?  All people need is an invitation.  And maybe straight to service is too much.  An event can make others feel welcome and give them a better introduction to a relationship with Christ.

But an event doesn’t just have to be about new members.  For many, Christmas is a great time of renewal for their spiritual health.  But with how this year has gone, many people could use a little boost.  Help them ignite that spiritual spark with the message of Jesus at a fun, off-site event.

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