So, what exactly do we offer?

  • Unique facilities and a Christian environment to host your next church event, summer camp, or leadership meeting.
  • Space for groups of 15 to 1500.
  • Guest service that exceeds expectations.
  • We keep prices affordable and easy to budget by offering all-inclusive, per-person packages.
  • Plus we offer countless planning tools, resources, how-to videos, and blogs.
  • Experienced advice for planners to help them succeed!

Leadership Event

Where are we?

  • The Crossing Retreat Center - Central Nebraska
  • Wheat State Retreat Center - Wichita Area
  • Lake Williamson Conference Center - St Louis Region
  • Faholo Conference Center - Ann Arbor Area
  • Lost Valley Seasonal Retreat Center - Northern Michigan
  • Potomac Park Conference Center - Near Baltimore & DC Regions
  • Pine Creek Retreat Center - Appalachian Mountains

Let's start a conversation

Whether you are new to planning or an event professional, we have the tools and experience to help you host successful off-site events.  Don't have all the details?  That's okay.  The fields you fill in below can help us get started working on your vision.  No commitment required.

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