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Building Your Social Media Wall

By Alexis

Have you been to a professional sporting event where they show attendees' social media posts on the big screen? It may only be displayed for 15 seconds, but it is always exciting to see if they choose your picture to publish on the screen. Now, what if you could do the same thing at YOUR event? That’s right, it is possible. Step up your social media game and "wow" your guests by using a social media wall!

A social media wall is created by using a software system that collects posts from numerous social media platforms and displays them live on one screen. This is a great tool that will make your guests feel extra special at your event. To utilize this software system, you will need to create a unique hashtag or handle for your guests to include in their social media posts. (Click here to learn more about hashtags.) This will allow the software system to easily locate and collect the posts. By connecting your computer to a projector system, you can effortlessly stream the social media wall on the “big screen” at your event. Or, if you prefer a smaller scale, connect your computer to a TV to broadcast your real-time content.

There are numerous software systems online that you can use. Such as: Tagboard, Everwall, Tint, Hootfeed, and The Wallrus, to name a few. Even though these programs have similar elements, each offer their own unique features. For example, Tagboard will allow you to gather posts from multiple platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more! Whereas Hootfeed, will only allow you to broadcast tweets. Everwall not only allows you to stream live social media posts, but you can also use it to show announcements during your event. Another element of Everwall is the voting feature. This is yet another great way to get your guests involved with your presentations and to have some fun! Some programs, like The Wallrus, can be free to use, while others, like Tint, require a fee. Nevertheless, this is a great way to encourage your guests to post and share pictures from your event.  

Social media walls are simple to create and easy to use with these online software systems. So, what are you waiting for? Add some extra pizazz to your event by creating a social media wall. Your guests are going to love it! Plus, by encouraging them to post pictures to social media, you may reach potential guests for your next event!  

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