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Easter Egg Filler Ideas

By Kayla

Easter is almost upon us, which means churches will fill as people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Kids will dress in their cute new outfits and head out to search for those scattered eggs.  If you’re curious as to the relationship between Jesus and eggs, check out our blog What do eggs have to do with Jesus?.

Many parents fill those little plastic spheres with candy as a sweet surprise for those who find them.  But Easter doesn’t have to be a second Halloween when it comes to sugar overload.  Here are some other options to fill those eggs that kids will actually enjoy:

  • Stickers – These are cheap, easy, fun for all ages and come in a million designs.
  • Small toys – Small piece toys like Legos, figurines, bouncy balls and slime. 
  • Balloons – Regular, water, it doesn’t matter.  Kids can enjoy finding them in the eggs and then filling and playing with them after the hunt is over.
  • Seeds – Spring is a season for growth.  After kids find all the eggs, they can plant the seeds and watch their flowers grow and bloom.
  • Puzzle Pieces – Buy one puzzle with as many pieces as you have eggs (at least close to it).  Put one piece in each egg.  Then as the kids find the eggs, they put the puzzle together.  If there are pieces missing, then the kids know they didn’t get all the eggs.
  • Clues – Similarly to the puzzle pieces, clues provide a bit more mystery and excitement to the hunt.  Each egg is filled with a clue that will help them find the next egg.  The final clue leads to a prize.  If you have many kids hunting, the clues can simply lead to the final prize.  Just make them vague enough that they will have to find a few different eggs in order to figure it out.

These fun egg fillers will keep your Easter egg hunt sweet, without the unnecessary sugar.

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