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Do Something Amazing

Be A Volunteer!

 Do Something Amazing

The Webster dictionary defines a volunteer this way: “one who offers to enter into any service of his own free will.” All churches are in great need of this type of person, one who chooses to help, because they have a desire to carry out a need or task.

In his book, entitled A Spirit-Empowered Church, Alton Garrison encourages people to get involved in their local church, in the chapter “Serve”. “Equipping, training, an...     Continue Reading

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Adventure Programs

A Good Use of Time

Adventure Programs

When the CRN team discusses adding on an adventure challenge program to a planned retreat, the most common objection is “We don’t have enough time.” On the surface, this objection makes total sense. CRN properties already offer more activities than guests can take advantage of in a single weekend. Why carve out 1-8 hours of retreat time for an adventure program? However, when you dig deeper, the obvious question becomes, “How can we not find time to do an adventure program?”

Adventure Builds Memories

Feedback from group leaders tell us that CRN’s adventure programs rank as the single most memorable part of many retreats. While guests speak posit...     Continue Reading

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Adventure Programs

A Wise Financial Investment

Adventure Programs

In discussing adventure challenge programs with group leaders, the second most common objection is, “We can’t afford it.” Of course, this objection is perfectly understandable. Organizations are already spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a retreat. Besides the property rental, there are transportation costs, speaker’s fees, promotional costs, and so forth. Why spend even more for a few hours of programming? However, when you examine the value of an adventure program, the obvious question becomes, “How can we not find the funds to do an adventure program?”

CRN Programs Are Affordable

Each of our CRN properties offers different types of adventure challenge, ranging from 1-hour programs at $10 per person to full-day programs at $40 pe...     Continue Reading

Written by Jeffery Gosnell, on June 06, posted in Meeting Planner Notes, Team Building


Camper to Counselor Ratio

Camper to Counselor Ratio

Have you ever allowed your kids to have a big sleepover at your house?  10+ kids eating junk food, staying up way too late, and staggering back out to mom’s minivan at 9 a.m. with pillow and sleeping bag in tow.  Do you remember what your house looked like after the dust finally settled?  Half-empty soda cans covering every flat surface, bags of chips crinkling under foot, melted ice cream cartons spilling over the top of the trashcan.  Now consider those same 10+ kids having a sleepover for 4 consecutive nights without parental supervision.  This is what we in the industry call “Summer Camp”.

There is one person that stands in the way of that 4-night sleepover from turning into a modern day Lord of the Flies; the Camp Counselor.  These summer camp heroes are on the front ...     Continue Reading

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A SIMPLE PLANNING PROCESSOur all-inclusive packages make budgeting your event straightforward and surprise free. All basic amenities are included in every package. Add-ons such as food and beverage service in your meeting space and adventure recreation are also available.
RESOURCES ON-DEMAND AND EXPERTISE WHEN YOU NEED ITEvery event has their own Planner Central web page where you can access beautifully crafted promotional templates, planning tools, property details, and connect with our team. Our team of hospitality professionals is always available to assist you with everything from marketing strategies to planning the configuration of your meeting space.
HOSPITALITY THAT EXCEEDS YOUR EXPECTATIONSWhile your group is at a Christian Retreats Network propertys property they will feel right at home. We will handle the set-up, take- down, cooking, and clean up so that you can stay focused on providing life-changing ministry to your attendees.

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