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Top Blogs in 2015 & More!

By Ashley

Top 5 Blogs from 2015!

1. You've Got Video Content From Your Event...
Video is one of, if not the most effective way to reach your audience on social media. Especially now that Facebook has adopted a practice similar to Vine where videos automatically play, catching people's attention with a well edited video could very well be the key to the growth of your event.

2. The Devil is the Details
Having worked alongside many different event planners in every phase of an event’s life cycle, I can tell you that planners come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very organized. Some are creative. Some wear slacks and blazers. Some wear cargo shorts and crocs. Event planners are an eclectic group.

3. There's an App for That!
Today, everyone wants to be an "event planner". What could be more fun than planning events right? If you're an actual event planner, you know there's so much more to event planning than a great theme and a dynamic speaker. Budgets, schedules, registration, speakers, marketing, floor plans, presentations, social media....the list goes on. The good news is, in today's market, no matter what your challenge, "There's an app for that!" Here's a few of our favorites to help you plan, organize, promote and amaze!

4. Taking the lead!
There are two kinds of leaders: those who naturally lead, and those given the title of “leader.” Unfortunately, the two are not always synonymous... Here are 4 ways incorporating team building into your next retreat can help your group “take the lead”...

5. Don't just plan an event...
Why do people pay $5 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, when they can grab a cup at the gas station for $1? Experience...The same rings true for us as event planners. Your attendees have a million choices of how to spend their time and money, so how do you create an experience that draws them in and keeps them buzzing about it well after they've gone home? When we incorporate elements that appeal to each of our 5 senses, we don't just plan an event, we create an experience.

Top 5 Blogs of all time!

1. As a Leader, How do you handle Guest Service Training?
This friendly and personal attention made my stay with them extraordinary! I even mentioned in yesterday's blog that I felt like royalty. Unfortunately, sometimes even great customer skills can become relaxed, and fade into the background. Employees working directly with guests can sometimes make a guest feel guilty about their requests, or even make them feel stupid for asking common or obvious questions. Some team members can lose their smile and the "eager to serve" attitude if they're having a bad day and too tired to go above and beyond.

2. Volunteer Leading
Whether you were coerced into volunteer leadership or jumped into it willingly, it is easy to fall into the same rut week-after-week. Here are a few thoughts on how to revitalize your volunteer leadership role...

3. How do you ensure visitors feel welcome?
When guests feel comfortable the frustrations that can accompany travel or the anxiety of a new experience can be limited or even eliminated... as all the distractions fade away the guest is comfortable to just focus on the content of your event. Hospitality allows you to better achieve your missional goals.

4. Rejuvenating Staff Retreats Continued
When it all comes down to it, everyone needs a break sometimes. Vacations, personal days and "sick days" help, but you'll find that truly investing in the morale of your staff during work hours shows them that you appreciate them, and are committed to the long-term success of your team.

5. Marketing your Youth Event
Event marketing can be one area that people forget or think they don't need to plan through. With this misconception leaders are then shocked a week before their event when their numbers are only half of what they dreamed of. But don't fear, that's where this blog comes in; if you only remember one thing remember can never start marketing too early!

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