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New Year, New You

By Kayla

Now that we are in the third week of 2019, how are those resolutions going? That strength training seems to be paying off. No, I’m not talking about strengthening your body. I’m talking about strengthening your faith. 

“Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually!” 1 Chronicles 16:11

If you have been following along in our blog series, we have discussed the importance of improving your spiritual health, individual exercises to do so, and getting more involved in your church. Our final blog takes us off-site. It’s retreat time!!

Whether it is a week or a weekend, off-site retreats are a great way to encourage and uplift your group, while building a lasting foundation in their faith. This environment provides an intense faith experience by taking guests to a new location that is centered around faith and makes them look more deeply at their relationship with God. 

A weekend retreat may look like this:

But just any old retreat won’t do. Remember, we are talking about faith resolutions. Make it about a resolution for spiritual growth by theming it around strength in faith or something similar. Speakers, worship services, prayer, small group discussions, recreation, and team building can all be catered around this. The following is an example of a faith themed icebreaker.

Walk of Faith Icebreaker Rules

  1. Split participants up into teams of 3 and have them stand in a line
  2. Blindfold the middle person
  3. The front and back person guide the middle person through the room or obstacle course, ending at the start point.
  4. The blindfolded player then tries to make it through the course again, alone, while still blindfolded.
  5. Each team follows (make sure to create a different path for each new team).

Follow-up: After all teams have completed the course discuss the importance of friendship and how all things are possible with God, especially if we have others supporting us. We are not alone in our faith walk.

Retreats have a lasting impact that can help you get the support, practices and encouragement to continually build your faith throughout 2019.

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